Black rolled metal is an alloy of iron and carbon with the addition of other materials. The percentage of its constituent metals can be different, depending on what products are obtained with certain characteristics and quality. In the country's economy, ferrous rolled metal occupies almost 90% of all metals used. This is the basic material used in the construction of structures, the production of household and industrial products.

Ferrous metal is used in almost all sectors of the economy. Areas such as:

  • Construction of bridges.
  • Engineering.
  • Defense industry.
  • Energy supply sectors (gas, water, heat).
  • Construction of machine tools and units.
  • Construction, production of concrete goods.

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Types of ferrous metal and the advantages of its use

The division of ferrous metal into groups is based on a number of features:

  • Type of manufactured products.
  • The dimensions of the finished product, its dimensions and linear parameters.
  • Metal stamps.

The purpose of the rental depends on the grade of the material. In construction, the most popular grades are St3, St20, St35, St45, which differ in the amount of carbon included in the alloy. In mechanical engineering, a special type of black rolled products is used, which includes alloying elements. Such metal is used for the production of components, assemblies and parts.

The wide demand for ferrous metal in various fields is ensured due to its advantages:

  • Strength. Finished products are able to withstand temperature fluctuations and significant loads for a long time.
  • Variety of product range.
  • Durability. The erected metal structures can be used for more than a dozen years without changing the initial performance.
  • Convenience and ease of use. The possibility of building high-quality prefabricated buildings from metal structures.
  • processing versatility. Black rolled metal can be cut, drilled, welded, bent and other operations, which allows it to be used in many areas.
  • Affordable cost provided by mass production.
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