Gas cutting of metal
is a popular cutting technology using flame cutters. Using this technology, metal blanks are quickly cut into individual parts of the required dimensions. It provides high quality cuts and the lowest possible amount of scrap.

A gas cutter, or gas cutting machine, cuts metal by melting its surface along a set path using a flame beam. To obtain it, different types of gases are used. One type of gas provides heating, mainly acetylene or propane is used for this purpose. It uses oxygen as a cutting beam, so the technique is also called oxy-fuel cutting.

To start cutting, a heater gas enters the equipment, and as soon as its temperature reaches the required parameter (optimal for softening the workpiece), oxygen is supplied at maximum pressure and a narrowly oriented flow. The action of the oxygen beam contributes to the active oxidation (combustion) of the metal, while its particles and combustion products are removed.

The following settings are used for oxy-fuel cutting:

  • portable;
  • stationary.

Mobile units are used in the installation and dismantling of building metal structures and pipes. They allow you to separate sheet metal, round and profile pipelines, as well as other workpieces. Stationary units are electronically controlled machines, with their help they get various configurations, cut metal into workpieces of various shapes and sizes.

Oxygen gas technology has a lot of advantages compared to other methods. It allows you to cut workpieces of considerable thickness, make cuts at an angle, carry out piece and serial cutting of metal products.

Gas cutting of rolled metal has the following advantages:

  • universality;
  • high cutting speed;
  • high cutting accuracy;
  • An exception during scrap cutting.

When cutting with a gas beam, there are no burrs, scale and other imperfections. The cut is obtained with smooth edges, without notches and flaws, it does not need to be further processed in different ways. Due to these advantages, the technology is widely used in various industries.

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