Unlike long products, shaped steel has a complex geometric shape of the cut, which has a positive effect on the bearing capacity and strength of products.

Shaped steel is usually classified according to its shape and industrial purpose. The form is distinguished:

  • beam,
  • angular,
  • Z-shaped,
  • trough,
  • tee,
  • specialized.

The latter is produced according to original drawings for specific projects, mainly in the engineering industry. As for the classification by industrial purpose, there are:

  • general purpose profiles (channels, corners, U-shaped beams);
  • profiles for special purposes (rails, automobile and tractor springs).

You can order shaped steel in Kazakhstan from Akra Holding LLP. We control the range of products and strive to ensure that products of all sizes are constantly in stock or available for order directly from the manufacturer's factory.

How shaped steel is produced

Akra Holding LLP is engaged in wholesale and small wholesale sales of shaped steel produced by Russian enterprises in accordance with GOST 535-2005. Various types of steel alloys are used as raw materials, in accordance with the requirements for bearing capacity, flexibility, resistance to loads of finished products and metal structures welded on their basis.

Rolled steel is produced from the so-called semi-finished products: slabs, blooms, pipe and square billets. I-beams and rails are made from a special type of semi-finished product of complex multifaceted shape, obtained by continuous casting.

Scopes of shaped metal rolling

Shaped steel is purchased for the construction of buildings, bridges, roads for various purposes, as well as in mechanical engineering. Beams and corners are the key elements of metal structures on the basis of which modern multi-storey buildings are being built. Piles are welded from pipes for pile-screw foundations. Some types of rolled products, such as Larsen sheet piles, are ideal for strengthening the banks of water bodies. They are also used to strengthen the slopes of the slopes, at the foot of which there are roads and rail tracks.

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