Non-ferrous rolled metal includes metals and their alloys that do not contain a significant amount of iron in their composition. Compared to ferrous, non-ferrous metals are more expensive and significantly superior in performance, which provides a wide range of applications.

Areas of use of non-ferrous metal products are determined by physical and chemical properties. High strength, ductility and ease of processing make it possible to use the material to create building structures, individual elements of devices and machines. Antibacterial properties and non-toxicity make non-ferrous metals in demand in the pharmaceutical and medical industries for the creation of inventory and equipment.

Akra Holding LLP offers to buy non-ferrous metal products at the best price. We carry out wholesale and retail sales of products and metal structures suitable for use in domestic and industrial purposes. Favorable payment terms and prompt delivery are the key advantages of cooperation with our company.

Features and characteristics of non-ferrous metal

Certain types of non-ferrous metals have different qualities, but they all have a number of common advantages:

  • increased resistance to the destructive effect of corrosion;
  • the ability to conduct electricity;
  • the ability to change shape during plastic deformation;
  • ease of processing, versatility of application.

Our catalogs contain popular types of sheet and long products with special characteristics. In the production of non-ferrous rolled metal, pure metals are alloyed with special compounds to give the final products the required properties and quality. Material processing includes forging, punching, pressing and rolling. Other processing methods include welding, cutting and soldering. During heat treatment, non-ferrous metals are able to change their properties.

Popular products include rolled sheets used in the production of pipes. Without this material, the production of refrigeration chambers, aircraft and machine bodies is also indispensable. The high demand for this type of material is due to its efficiency, increased reliability and economy.

Among the popular products of non-ferrous metallurgy is rolled brass used for the manufacture of building pipes. Brass pipes are resistant to temperature changes, which allows them to be used as an element of heating installations.

Rolled copper is used in chemical engineering, and pipelines, vessels and containers for various purposes are made from its alloys. High-strength aluminum is resistant to corrosion and certain aggressive environments, its ability to withstand high temperatures makes it possible to use the material in the construction of aircraft and ships.

One of the important advantages of bronze is its resistance to damage, which makes the metal in demand for the production of parts and assemblies, subsequently used in agriculture and other industries where reliability and strength are required.

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