Payment terms

In AKRA Holding LLP, you can pay in any convenient way for you, up to 1000 MCI in cash to the Cashier at any of the sales offices of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Russia, over 1000 MCI by non-cash payment method, by transferring funds, according to the invoice for payment .

Government organizations, when providing a full package of documents, have the opportunity to allocate a credit line for up to 30 days.

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Delivery terms

Delivery is made by prefabricated vehicles (delivery to 2 or more customers is allowed).

For additional points (bases) of loading surcharge: for 20 ton vehicles — from 25,000 to 50,000 tenge; for 9 ton — 25 000 tenge for 5 ton — 18000 tenge; for 1.5 ton — 10000 tenge

For additional unloading points (located nearby) 8700 tenge for 20 tons. and 10000 tenge. for the rest.

For additional unloading points (different addresses) for 20 tons. - 35000 tenge, for 9 tons. - 25000 tenge, for 5 tons. - 20,000 tenge, for 1.5 tons. - 12000 tenge.

For each hour of downtime at the client for more than 3 hours, an additional payment of 10,000 tenge is made.

Additional payment for positions: starting from the 5th position - 2000 tenge. for each

If there is a sheet in the order (cold-copy, stainless or galvanized), grid in the cards, corrugated board, as well as when loading from several bases, payment is made at the full rate for the type of machine with the appropriate parameters.

Delivery by cars with a carrying capacity of up to 5 tons, a board of 6 meters is possible no further than 500 km., up to 9 tons, a board of 6 — 8 meters and 1.5 tons, a board of 4 meters is possible no further than 100 km.

Delivery of oversized cargo is carried out at an individual rate (the cost is to be specified in the delivery department).

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