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Our catalog contains a full range of galvanized steel products - hardware, pipe, shaped, long, sheet metal. All standard sizes available, under the order we will make metal products of the non-standard sizes.


Galvanized I-beams used in industrial and civil construction are manufactured using hot-rolled technology in accordance withGOCT 26020-8Z, GOCT 19425-74, GOCT 82Z9-89, GOCT 5Z5-2005, STO ACCHM 20-9Z.

I-beams are produced with a height of 10.0-60.0 mm, with a shelf width of 100.0-600.0 mm, a wall thickness of 4.5-12.0 mm, a shelf thickness of 7.2-17.8 mm. According to the type of construction, the beams are divided into normal, wide-shelf, medium-shelf, narrow-shelf, columnar, for overhead tracks, for strengthening mine shafts. The material for the production of I-beams is structural carbon and low-alloy steel.

Due to the design features, I-beams are able to withstand significant loads in compression, tension and bending. Galvanization makes I-beams immune to corrosion, increases the weather resistance of products and metal structures.


Beams with a U-shaped cross section are used in construction, construction of engineering structures, laying and installation of pipelines, air ducts. Steel channel with anti-corrosion coating is characterized by resistance to axial and bending loads, resistance to negative environmental influences.

Galvanized channel is produced according toGOST 8240-97, GOST 9.307-89, GOST 8278-8Z. Depending on the shape of the cross section, hot-rolled and bent channels with zinc coating are produced in several series: U, P, E, L, C. Profile height 25.0-410.0 mm, flange width 26.0-160.0 mm, thickness metal 2.0-8.0 mm. The standard length of a beam with a U-shaped profile is 3.0-11.8 m.

As a material for the manufacture, carbon and low-carbon boiling, calm and semi-quiet steel grades are used.SZ45, SZ55, C245, C255, STZwith chemical compositionGOCT 27772-88.


Galvanized angle steel is produced according to the requirementsGOCT 8509-9З, GOCT 19771-9З. Galvanized corners are divided according to the method of production into hot-rolled and bent, according to the type of construction - into equal-shelf and unequal-shelf.

Angle steel is produced with dimensions from 20x20 mm to 250x250 mm with a metal thickness of 3.0-35.0 mm. The length of the galvanized angle is 4.0-12.0 m. The raw material for the production of angle bars is carbon steel of ordinary quality with a chemical composition according toGOCT Z80-88.

The bent angle, made in a cold way on roll forming machines, is distinguished by high dimensional accuracy and surface quality. Hot-rolled angles have high strength, resistance to deformation and combined loads. Due to the rigidity of the L-shaped profile, the spatial strength of the frame metal structures is ensured.


Sheet metal with zinc coating is manufactured according toGOST P 52246-2004, GOST 19904-90, GOST 1990З-2015. Cold-rolled and hot-rolled sheets with cut and unedged edges are produced with a thickness of 0.35-160.0 mm, a width of 500.0-4400.0 mm, and a length of 710.0-12000.0 mm. According to the type and method of production, the anti-corrosion coating is tempered, iron-zinc, with a minimal crystallization pattern, differentiated. By purpose, hot-dip galvanized sheet metal is divided into sheets for the production of products by bending, with a lock connection, for obtaining parts by stamping and complex drawing, for the production of profiled products. Depending on the density, the anti-corrosion coating is divided into classes 60-600.


Steel strip with zinc coating is produced in accordance with the standardsGOST 10Z-2006, GOST 82-70, GOST 5Z5-2005, GOST 4405-75. Galvanized plates and strips are produced with a thickness of 4.0-80.0 mm and a width of 10.0-200.0 mm. According to the standard, the length of galvanized steel strip is 4.0-18.0 m. According to the purpose, strip steel is divided into general-purpose products, rolled products for the production of nuts using hot and cold stamping technology. The form of realization of flat-rolled products is in straight segments or rolls.

The raw material for strips, plates and strips is structural steel of all types of deoxidationSt0, St1, St2, St3, St4, St3G, St5, St5G, St6, as well as tool grades of alloyed, non-alloyed and high-speed steel according toGOST 14Z5-99, GOST 5950-2000, GOST 19265-7Z. It is allowed to produce strip metal from steel gradesE185, E235, E275, E355, E490, E590, E690with chemical compositionICO 6З0.


Pipe galvanized steelGOST Z262-75, GOST 87Z2-78, GOST 87Z4-75it is made with a diameter of 10.0-550.0 mm with a wall thickness of 0.3-24.0 mm. The length of pipe rolled metal is 4.0-12.5 m.

Water and gas pipes with and without threads, seamless hot-rolled and cold-rolled pipes with anti-corrosion coating are used in the construction of industrial facilities, the laying of pipeline networks, and the production of pipeline elements.

Galvanized electric-welded and seamless pipes made of structural steel are characterized by durability, mechanical strength, good permeability, ability to withstand significant loads, exposure to high temperatures and aggressive environments, including sea water, solutions of acids and alkalis, nitrogenous compounds.


This category includes hot dip galvanized round steelGOST 2590-2006with a diameter of 5.0-270.0 mm and a length of 1.0-12.0 m. Galvanized long products with a diameter of less than 9.0 mm are supplied in coils, the rest of the products are in the form of straight segments.

Galvanized round steel made of low-alloy, high-quality carbon and alloy steels is used as a semi-finished product for the manufacture of elements of lightning protection and grounding systems, fasteners and hardware products, frame and truss metal structures, gratings, fences, safety barriers, components and spare parts for machines and industrial equipment. Steel bar, galvanized by hot-dip galvanizing technology, has high strength characteristics, corrosion resistance, resistance to temperature extremes and the effects of chemically active substances.

Roll galvanized

Sheet galvanized steelGOCT 14918-80is divided according to its purpose into rolls for cold stamping and profiling, for painting after training. Steel coils are used in the production of cladding panels, corrugated board, metal picket fence, LCTK profiles, cases of household appliances and industrial equipment, air ducts, elements of drainage systems, thin-walled pipes, light curved and bent metal structures.

Rolled products are supplied in rolls: metal thickness 0.5-2.5 mm, width 0.71-1.80 m. The length of thin-sheet rolled products is determined by the customer. A protective coating on the metal surface is applied hot using zinc gradesC0andC 1. The density of the anti-corrosion coating is 7.13 g/cm3.


Galvanized mesh, manufactured according to standardsGOST 5ZZ6-80, GOST 2715-75, is characterized by high anti-corrosion properties, resistance to mechanical and thermal loads, resistance to chemically aggressive substances. Mesh fabric is made from galvanized wire or galvanized in finished form. Products are classified according to the method of production, wire thickness, mesh size, steel grade.

Depending on the manufacturing technology, it is divided into woven, welded, wicker, twisted, slotted, prefabricated. Anti-corrosion coated mesh is used in construction, mechanical engineering, petrochemical and chemical industries. Areas of application for galvanized mesh: installation of fences and barriers, production of sieves for loose, liquid and gaseous media, production of fine filters for air and water, drying and dehydration of materials.


Drawn steelGOST Z282-74, GOST 1668-7Zdesigned for the manufacture of nails, electric wires for overhead communication lines, ropes, wicker and woven mesh, knitting reinforced concrete foundations, linking consignments of goods. The thickness of wire rolled metal is from 0.16 to 10.0 mm, the form of implementation is coils or coils.

As a semi-finished product for the production of wire, wire rod and low-carbon steel grades08, 10, 15, 20, 25, Z0, Z5, 40, 45, 50, 55, 58 (55pp)and60with chemical compositionGOST 1050-88. To improve the quality characteristics, the knitting wire is subjected to additional heat treatment - annealing. Drawn steel without heat treatment has strength, hardness, resistance to tensile loads. Annealed wire is ductile and flexible.

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